The Tides Leave Pools

And the pools bear treasures. Google advised us that there were tide pools near the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, and Google advised us that after 1:12 p.m. the tides would be at their lowest for the day (which, as it turns out, was not very low), so after lunch, thataway we went.

Looking down


at the Cobble Beach


there were many stairs. But we are not easily defeated, and going down is usually not the problem. The stairs were not a problem, but these cobbled rocks, created by the black lava from the volcanoes hitting the cold ocean water, rolled as we walked and made going down the slope a bit tricky.


Once down, however, the trip was worth it. The little pools left by the higher tides contained treasures of all sorts, like these green anemones and a starfish.


We were asked to walk only on the rocks as much as possible and to watch because many of the rocks were covered by mussels.


There were purple anemones




starfish in many sizes and colors





and more green anemones.



In some of thee photos, you have seen some pinkish lacy looking plants – those are Coralline Algae. Wouldn’t all of these things make the most amazing aquarium display? There were also barnacles.


The tide was coming in now


so we headed back up the stairs to the lighthouse


Where we see large rock hills covered in birds


On the one end there are Brandt Cormorants (the spots of blue are their chin/necks).


On the side of a rock wall there are Pelagic Cormorants.


On the tops of the rock hills are the Murres. Murres live commune style and each female Murre lays one egg within pecking distance of the another Murre. Obviously they do not need large personal spaces.


After a full day, we headed home for a glass of wine, a little TV, a little reading and fairly early to bed. What? Oh, you’re wondering about today? Well today awoke foggy and rainy and seemed to be a good day to revisit the Outlet stores because we realized we had missed some the other day. Yes, you’re right – it would have been less expensive to stay home, but it was more fun to shop. We girls don’t get out on our own terribly often, you know. We found some wonderful treasures, all things we needed very badly you understand.

Yep. Interested in a bridge?

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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12 Responses to The Tides Leave Pools

  1. Wonderful post, Carol, of a wonderful day! I know exactly where you are, as I have been there with my family, and it is a beautiful area. I don’t think I ever got such a great view of the birds–those are really good shots, and I love peeking into the tide pools. Now I am going to have a little glass of wine and make a toast to ladies out on the town!


  2. awesome… Just awesome… where is this place?


  3. suzicate says:

    What treasures in those pools…we don’t get that in the ocean here so thanks for sharing the beauty!


  4. lisa says:

    I would have been so excited to see the tide pool creatures! We found a live starfish and lots of sea urchins and small crabs in a tide pool on vacay one year. I’ve never seen Plageic or Brandt Cormorants…or Murres! Great shots. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great weekend. xo


  5. Cee Neuner says:

    You got some great photos. One of my favorite places on the coast.


  6. Holy Toledo! The purple sea anemones and star fish are amazing!


  7. Heather says:

    I second what Laurie said! Yours are the latest in a series of NW coast photographs that are capturing my imagination. The Universe must be nudging me thataway!


  8. What fun, Carol. I love the purple and green anemones, the starfish, the barnacles and the Murres. You had so many wonderful discoveries on your walk. And the wine to top it off. What could be better?


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