New Year, New Beginnings

A new year has dawned, proof that life goes on, that we will continue to make memories, have new experiences, learn new things. For me, it will be learning how to live – again.

My chicks have departed once again – although I suspect they will not find favor with my calling them chicks, since they have both been out of the nest for several years and have built lives of their own, living them in their way, as they should. Their presence during the holidays brought joy to a difficult time, gave reason to my days. We celebrated alone and with friends, quietly and with laughter. But now they have headed back to their far-away lands and I have spent this quiet day adjusting to the sound of silence.

The Artistic One joined us for Christmas dinner, but sadly the photo I took with her in it was a failure – the flash did not flash and I did not realize it. New Year’s Eve we had a neighborhood gathering, with a masseuse in house, so we enjoyed massages, wine, food and – best of all – good company.

Now it is my four furry girls and me – together. We will learn to live with one another, to deal with whatever emotions rear up, to spend some time in the sunshine and to create new memories. I have my real kids, my furry girls and my friends. I will know that if ugly times appear, they will also disappear.

It will all be right – in the fleeting way of right, changing with the shifting light and the phases of the moon.


About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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13 Responses to New Year, New Beginnings

  1. Lynne Ayers says:

    All good things, Carol, in 2014.


  2. The photographs you shared are lovely. I love your companion animals!


  3. All the best for a peaceful New Year, Carol.


  4. Robin says:

    Wishing you all the best for this new year, Carol.


  5. suzicate says:

    Wishing you many good tidings in 2014.


  6. Joanne says:

    And you have your blogging buddies cheering you on too. Much love to you Carol. ❤


  7. Robin says:

    What a beautiful post and photos. Wishing you comfort, peace, and all the best as you embark on new beginnings in 2014.


  8. Heather says:

    Your honesty and practicality are such an inspiration.
    I am sure 2014 will be a happier year than 2013, even though there will be ugly times. They, too, shall pass. Hugs, love, and blessings to you and yours, Carol.


  9. Dear Carol,
    I am so glad to know that you have such a supportive community close by, as well as loving children who you know would jet in to help you out if you needed it. Not to mention the girls, who will keep the house from being too quiet. And there are a whole lot of people out here in the blogosphere who care about you. It is a new year, and I wish you all the very best as you move forward.


  10. I wish you many blessings, peace, tranquility; long walks with furry friends, lots of Skype time with your grown chicks, and more fun gatherings with your dear friends in 2014, Carol!


  11. Karma says:

    “In the fleeting way of right” – so glad you wrote this post, lovely to see. It has happened again with our similar blog titles too; I hadn’t been over here yet when I wrote my post this morning.


  12. lisa says:

    I know we’re not as good as these things, but don’t forget your bloggy friends are here to help you through thick and thin, and create new memories as well! I’m glad your chicks came home to roost at least for a little while. Blessings to you in 2014, my friend. xox


  13. pattisj says:

    It looks like they have you surrounded!


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