It Depends – on the Moment, the Day, the Mood

The other day Dawn of Change is Hard blogged about her romance with Cheez-its and in that blog she asked “what’s your favorite snack?”. I started to answer in my comment and soon concluded that this answer could be a blog all its own. Because – it depends. On the moment, the day, the mood. Sometimes it’s salty, sometimes it’s sweet. Sweet, of course, means chocolate. Sometimes it’s sweet and salty – thank goodness I’ve found some breakfast bars that fit that bill. It’s all in the mood – and the moment. If the weather is hot, the mood might call for Gelato. If the weather is cold, the mood does not want cold. See? It all depends.

20131107-183745.jpg Sometimes the sun shines brightest in the dark

Then I realized that most of my answers to Cee’s Share Your World challenges take the same approach. It all depends – on the moment, the day, the mood.

Now I wonder – am I indecisive? Or have I practiced too hard seeing more than one side of a topic? Do I feel confident in my ability to be fair, to be rational, or do I need to be more decisive? It depends – on the moment, the day, the mood.

20131107-184232.jpg Before Lily, we had chipmunks. Now, they stay in hiding. Or have moved out. Not sure which.

The photos in this blog are from my archives. Since I’m not getting out to take new ones – because the weather has made our world mostly gray of late and because leaving home very often is difficult now. So these photos all say – to me – there is a great deal of beauty in my world. Some of you might question my definition of beauty with some of these photos – which just confirms that it depends – on the moment, the day, the mood. See?

Do you love staying in the house and reading a book? Or cooking meals for your family or yourself? Would you rather be outside in the air, hiking, walking, birdwatching, meditating, just being? For me, it depends. Yep, on the moment, on the day, on the mood. Although to be honest, rarely would I prefer to be inside cooking meals.

In a conversation recently, one of the people mentioned being frustrated because they feel “frozen in time”. It struck me then, that is where I am far too often these days. There are many things I want to do – change the accent wall color, install the glass tile backsplash that I bought all the supplies for in the spring, do something about some of the flooring. Travel, to the coast, back east to visit relatives and old friends, across the seas to spend time with my kids. Sleep late. Eat what I want to when I want to with total disregard to “mealtimes”. Go explore new places to walk the dogs. Which of those calls me most loudly depends. Yes, on the moment, the day, the mood.

The sun shines through, but it’s unable to thaw this feeling. It’s just how it is for now. That desired thaw depends – but not so much on the mood, or the moment, or the day. More upon the next plot twist in life. Our lives have an author, it seems, and all we can do is follow the path that author lays out for us – we can decide how we handle the plot twists, the directions we’re sent. That is our choice.

Do we have tears in our eyes because we are fighting the direction, or do we have tears in our eyes because, despite the twists, turns and difficulties in our paths, we see the beauty in this path? It depends – on the moment, the day, the mood.

Do we weep or do we sparkle? It depends.

Do we reach for the sky, shedding the detritus life sometimes pours over our heads?

Or do we remain unmoving, letting our lives rust away?

As we get older, as we become outdated, do we snarl, resent, try to hide the aging? Or do we try to keep up with the world the best we can, loving our aging beauty, forgiving ourselves for being less than up-to-date?

It depends, doesn’t it? Really it depends on the moment, the day, the mood – and much much more. Some days it is hard to hold ourselves up straight, proud and strong. Some days our eyes close to the beauty around us.

It depends – on the moment, the day, the mood.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to It Depends – on the Moment, the Day, the Mood

  1. LG says:

    I feel like having cheezits now. And it is 8 AM !


  2. Heather says:

    So much depends on context. I think it’s a strength you have, being able to see multiple sides and how things could be different in different situations. It’s far too easy to judge, to presuppose otherwise. When I find myself angry with my fellow humans, I try to come up with a favorable explanation for their undesirable to me behavior. It might not be what’s the cause, but it helps me let them off the hook for a situation I truly have no understanding of.
    While it’s snowing wet snow, and I have a full belly (those birthday cookies, dontcha know), I prefer to read book. Tomorrow? Perhaps a hike.
    Wishing you enough, and then more.


    • Carol says:

      Thank you, Heather. Remembering that we are all different, and have that right, sometimes makes accepting behaviors easier. Note I did not say “liking”.



  3. jay53 says:

    What a very moving post, Carol. It made me a little melancholy, and yet I DO see the beauty that you have captured so very clearly with your photos, and the strength you have in your soul. And that is encouraging and uplifting.

    I agree with you, so much depends on the moment, the day, and the mood. It’s how my life has always been. If that’s indecisive, well, so be it – that’s me.

    Your sprinkler photo is wonderful. I love so many of them, actually, especially the way you have captured the light. That’s what you have to keep on doing through this dark period: capturing the light.


  4. This is lovely, Carol. Wistful, yet hopeful at the same time. I agree, everything depends on the mood, the day, the moment. I have days where I feel frozen in time, wondering about the decisions I’ve made, wondering how to make changes and get out of my rut, wondering when or if I will feel happy again; other days, I feel content enough, motivated, hopeful. My dreams are constantly in flux and I find myself one day wanting one thing, another day wanting something else.

    Your pictures are lovely. I especially love “Do we weep or do we sparkle?”


  5. suzicate says:

    Lovely photo essay, bravo!
    As for Cheez-its…that’s my sister and my thing with wine!


  6. Kettle-cooked, mesquite BBQ chips ANY time, ANY season, for ANY reason 🙂


  7. You always express yourself so thoughtfully. And you found the perfect photos to accompany your words: the rusting cars, the twisted tree branches. I think my favorite is the weathered limb lying in a patch of grass with the hint of purple flowers growing in the background. Now that is seeing beauty in something others would pass by. This may not be the time for travelling, but you can still reach out and go places with your words. I hope that is enough for now.


  8. Karma says:

    I so agree. Though we live across a continent, and decades separate us, I’ve so often felt you are able to write what I feel. Perhaps we were kindred souls in another lifetime! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and your photos.


    • Carol says:

      Funny about those separating decades, Karma. My body reminds me of my age, but my mind isn’t there. Unless old age is a convenience at the moment. It just depends. . . . As to being kindred souls at one time, what a wonderful thought!



  9. dawnkinster says:

    Our lives are complicated. That doesn’t mean we are indecisive. It just means we have a lot on our plates and have to eek out comfort where we can find it. Plus, I think, people that can see lots of different choices in any decision are richer for the options. Hugs.


  10. lisa says:

    I think I’d love to peruse through your archives any day! Such lovely shots. And we’re not indecisive…it’s called with age comes wisdom, which means that if you live long enough, you realize everything is shades of gray! And there is beauty in everything if you look hard close enough. xoxox


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