Crater Lake Continues with Random Thoughts

Today we’ll complete our visit to Crater Lake; once again with too many photos. In this one, I like the turquoise of the water in the shallows, going blue as the depth increases. Almost like peering into someone’s eyes – you will see what they let you see for the most part. Sometimes, the depths rise up and out and you will get glimmers of the “more” that lies within.

Lurking off to what I think would be the north side (maybe), is the Phantom Ship, an uprising of lava rock that looks hauntingly like a ghost ship. Something out of Pirates of the Carribean.

The blue of the water, the serenity of its surface where there are thin layers of ice but no ripples to distort the reflections. These are a couple of the reasons my camera continued to click, click, click. They offer a boat ride on the lake during the season, which I would love to do. But it is a long, steep decline to get to the boat dock – which means it is a long, steep incline to come back. Perhaps I’ll train this winter, to walk and build up strength and endurance. Perhaps. I’m good at making big plans, building good intentions. I lack on the follow-through end.

For me, breathtaking. There are many things that consistently make my jaw drop – the beauties of nature that result from violent occurrences. The beauties made by man before the advent of large machinery to heft, lift and carry incredibly heavy pieces up, up, to the top of structures like the pyramids, the Mayan structures, the Great Wall and much much more.

A little pine cone lying by itself on the melting, sparkling snow. Alone, but not lonely I think.

The almost feathered green fronds of the conifers, allowing only glimpses of the brilliant blue.

The path leading down to another vantage point. The vantage point from which we were able to view the Phantom Ship. Down low in a shaded area, hidden away from the view of those walking on the sidewalks above. In an area that has a cave-like feel. So quiet. Drowning in the beauty surrounding us.

When this tree fell, was there anyone around to hear it? Did anyone mourn its demise, yet applaud it’s addition to the groundscape where it could provide shelter for the small ground creatures?

So much beauty. So much that was created without the assistance of man. The beauty that will continue, so long as man plays nice and does no harm.

Heading back to our car, this deformed tree standing alone amongst the drying grasses and wildflowers. Its deformity does not take away from its beauty though, does it?



The elusive Clark’s Nutcracker and Raven, far away but still captured by my lens! I’m certain they were bidding us adieu and telling us to come back another day.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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11 Responses to Crater Lake Continues with Random Thoughts

  1. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for posting them. I love the reflections of the mountains on the water (or ice).Seeing all the snow on your photos makes me appreciate we haven’t had any here yet. I was winterizing my perennials in a tshirt today. It won’t be long, though.


  2. Carol – The third photograph in this beautify series is the one that took my breath away. Stunning. Absolutely stunning!


  3. LG says:

    Beautiful. Especially love the one of the pine cone on crystalized snow.


  4. Sheri B says:

    You NEVER post too many pictures!!


  5. Heather says:

    Is there such a thing as too many pictures? I don’t think so. Closing my agape jaw now 😉
    The boatride might be nice, but I bet the best views are from above. Can’t believe there’s already ice on the lake. I guess it really is that time of year.


  6. Kathy says:

    Crater Lake looks gorgeous. Wow! Very impressive.


  7. Thanks for taking me back to Crater Lake, Carol. It looks as fabulous as ever! I think it was probably 1983 that I was there last, 30 years ago. Your photos are beautiful. 🙂


  8. lisa says:

    I think I just added something to my bucket list. That first shot is a show stopper!


  9. Dawn says:

    Amazing place! Guess I have to add it to my list as well!


  10. Angelia Sims says:

    Oh Carol! I am stunned. What untouched beauty you have captured for my eyes to dance in. WOW. I just love the blue water and the mountain reflection. The end with he birds saying see you again. Perfect! And snow…unbelievable. Winter is just starting here. Thank you for these lovely scenes.


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