WordPress and Our Summer Storm

The thunder rumbled in the distance, drawing nearer and nearer. Bailey hid in her “safe harbor”, the bathroom. Shasta looked out the window. I checked the weather map and saw that it showed us in the center of the storm so of course I invited Kat and Gep to join me on the deck under the cover of the canopy, to watch Mother Nature in action.

20130803-130449.jpg Early in the storm, this little hummer was enjoying the shower, fluffing her wings and her feathers, loving the cooling rain.

The rain began to come down heavier, splashing in the birdbath

Pouring off the roof

Obscuring our view

Suddenly we realized the rain had turned white and was bouncing as it hit the ground

It was rain no more, but fairly large hail stones – hitting the canopy with emphasis with the sound of popping corn. Mother Nature was putting on quite a show for us!

I hear you thinking “what has this to do with WordPress?” Not a lot except that WordPress and I seem to be having our own version of a summer storm lately. I go to your blogs, I attempt to leave a comment. Sometimes WordPress allows it. Too often WordPress says “sorry this comment cannot be posted”. It does not have the courtesy to tell me why, just that it’s “sorry”. Hmmph! I think not! I do not believe it is really sorry. I believe WordPress thinks my life should be a liittle more complicated. Wrong, WordPress! I have learned a work-around. I have learned to copy, leave the blog, come back, paste and post. But I wonder what have I done to offend WordPress. Why does it not like me?

While I’m talking to you, WordPress, could you please offer me a way to stay signed in? Must I sign in for each and every blog on which I would like to “like” or to comment? C’mon! I deserve, all of us WordPress users deserve, a few things that work more easily, with less effort.

In case you’ve been wondering if we managed too stay dry, as I’m sure you have been wondering. Mostly we managed to stay dry. Not completely. The deluge was heavy enough that the canopy began to sprinkle us with little droplets. Then there was the splashing as the raindrops-which-became-hail hit the deck surface. It was the big entertainment event of the day.


About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to WordPress and Our Summer Storm

  1. jay53 says:

    Wow – that’s quite something, hail in summer – not unknown, but always surprising. I do love the little bird taking a rainbath.

    Sometimes I come across the same thing while attempting to comment. Usually, when it says ‘this comment cannot be posted’, it means I’ve hung around too long and I need to refresh the page before posting the comment. Be warned – you will need to ‘Select All – Copy’ before refreshing, because often your comment will be lost in the change, but usually it works for me!


  2. suzicate says:

    I’ve been having the same WP problem. And FB is being mean as well…I will got to comment on something and it will tell me I don’t have permission, lol! I think technology is having its own storm! I love watching storms…but not being in them, almost got caught out in the canoe in one today! I’m now drinking a beer called “small craft warning”…how appropriate!


  3. I love watching thunderstorms- from a safe distance of course. The excitement of the wind and rain- and in your case, hail! Mother Nature certainly puts us in our place. I hope you are having a nice family visit while your husband is still in treatment. Thinking of you with best wishes. I am off for a family vacation to Hawaii for 2 weeks! Hopefully no tropical storms while we are there…


  4. Dawn says:

    Love storms too…but Katie, not so much, so that adds to the stress. Glad you got to watch the storm with your kids, and am really glad they are there with you! Sorry about wordpress, that just seems wrong.


  5. I love gathering in a safe cozy place to watch and listen to and smell a storm. Glad you stayed mostly dry and didn’t get hit on the head by those hailstones! That’s so irritating about WordPress. I’ve had that problem too at various times, and i don’t know why, but at least now I seem to be okay with commenting!


  6. Carol – I love these photos, especially the rain kicking up it’s heels in the birdbath!

    Having learned the hard way, I always type my replies in TextEdit first, then cut and past them into the comment box. That way, if something goes kafluey, I haven’t lost a thing.


  7. Rob says:

    My husband loves to watch storms. For me, it depends on the storm. If lightning is involved, I don’t like to go outside on the porch to watch. I have seen two people killed by lightning, plus a big oak tree with a honeybee nest, my washing machine, the telephone while I was using it, an electrical fence around the cow pasture, and just watched lightning hit the ground. I have a real fear.

    Hail hurts!

    As you know, I have had this same problem with WordPress, although I have a self-hosted blog. What I have found is that I usually am logged in somewhere else I have been, without signing out. So, I have to backtrack through my history until I find the place where I need to sign out. It’s annoying, but that is what I found to work when I went on a mission to resolve this frustrating problem. It looks like you found a way around it that works 🙂


  8. Love your photo story. WordPress can be trying at times – they seem to have a rotating hit list of people to target!


  9. Karma says:

    Great photos you were able to capture here. I agree, a storm can be fun to watch. I like the ones when it stays warm outside. Not too crazy about the ones that creep up suddenly in super-humid weather and turn the sky scary shades of green since our tornado 2 years ago!
    I’ve run into the “can’t post this comment” thing a few times too, but the one about having to sign in to every blog is a strange one, can’t say that I’ve encountered that.


  10. sjbchamp85 says:

    And it was a WONDERFUL storm!!!


  11. Kathy says:

    I actually enjoyed your little rainstorm here, and the fact that you were able to experience it with both the kids. Lucky you! As for your storm with WordPress, so sorry to hear about that. I haven’t yet experienced this, at least not in recent days, although the way things go…I had better copy this before posting!


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  13. lisa says:

    You would fit right in in the Midwest. When we have the threat of storms….especially tornado warnings…everyone goes outside to look at the sky. Go figure. If there’s no danger of tornadoes, I love storms!


  14. Heather says:

    Looks like a most excellent rain. I don’t have a dry place I can linger outside to watch it fall, but I like to go from window to window like the cats watching birds 🙂
    Good luck getting WP straightened out. I added that authenticator step, and now I stay signed in longer, but signing in itself is more of a chore. Not sure if I’ve come out ahead or not 😉


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