It’s a Wee Bit of a Grumpy Morning

For reasons all too common, I am a little on edge this beautiful morning. I am in the “if-you-want-something-from-me-just-get-to-the-point” mode and the “then-get-out-of-my-way-and-let-me-do-it” mode. Because it is much too nice out there today to prolong this grumpiness, I decided to take a few moments before I begin my assigned job to revisit my recent time sitting by the pond. I thought maybe you’d like to join me since it is quite a peaceful spot in the yard.

20130707-100510.jpg Rippled Reflection

The pond is beginning to clear a little. It waited too long between filter cleanings and so it is murky and the three fish that are in it are not always easy to see. But it will work out and I’ll not spend a good deal of time worrying about it. It’s like my brain gets sometimes – a little bit murky. Other times it gets a lot murky. On those days when it is clear and sharp I celebrate with witticisms. Or what I consider to be witticisms.

20130707-100806.jpg Enthusiastic bather

The birds flit about, visiting the little pool at the top of the waterfall. The purchased waterfall because when we first built the pond, our efforts at a manmade waterfall were – pitiful – to say the least. I think now I could do a reasonable, working waterfall. Left to my own devices. Without a great deal of supervision. Whoops! A grumpy bit just came out.

20130707-101007.jpg Rearview of robin bathing

It is reasonable to assume that I do not take kindly to being given direction each step of a project. Because I think it should be reasonable to assume that I am intelligent enough to know when to ask for help and to work most things out for myself. I have occasionally suggested we play a new game here called “let’s pretend Carol has a brain”. Can’t seem to get that game to last long unfortunately. Oh darn! More grumpy.

20130707-101252.jpg Brief pause in the bathing process

The pond really is a soothing place. I think the problem is I’m not really there right now. It is my second favorite spot in our yard. The first, as I am sure you know, is the front deck. My haven. What my Kat calls paradise. My Kat and I play the above-mentioned game very well together, each taking turns as needed.

20130707-101547.jpg Thinking about it

I feel better now. That interlude by the rippling, gurgling water did help. Now I shall prepare myself for my assigned duty this morning. I shall also take my barbs with me in the event someone thinks supervision is required.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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7 Responses to It’s a Wee Bit of a Grumpy Morning

  1. Carol – It’s so nice to know that other people walk a mile in those sometimes-a-wee-bit-grumpy shoes.


  2. Kathy says:

    Grumpy days can be so challenging. I LOVE that first picture so much! I am sure that you can do a project without supervision. Totally sure.


  3. jay53 says:

    Lovely bird pics! We have a little top pond with a flat bottomed, shallow channel running down to the main fish pond, and our birds bathe there just as yours do!

    I met a lady in the supermarket today who was having just such a day as you. Her replies to her husband (who was bumbling about picking things up and suggesting other things, then getting bored and wandering off only to reappear behind her – you know the sort of thing!) were acerbic to say the least. She had a little grumble to herself and I couldn’t help joining in and sympathising with her because what she said was ‘Men are just like children!’ in a fierce kind of whisper. I added ‘… and they get worse as they get older!’. She laughed then, but was clearly feeling oppressed because she confided that they’d been married 46 years and she wasn’t at all sure they’d make it to 47! However she did rush off then to catch up with her Other Half, so I think it was all just letting off steam.

    We all need to do that from time to time, don’t we?


  4. Heather says:

    I’m also confident that you can handle any project you choose to tackle – without help, or with if you you like. I’m betting by now you’ve found your way to your paradise and are feeling considerably less grumpy 😉


  5. I haven’t known you all that long, but I’ve been amazed at your apparent independence and, indeed, have often wondered if I could be that strong if I needed to be. And, I adore your photos! Sometimes I feel like I have nothing left around me to photograph, and I see what you come up with in your own back yard (or by the pond), and it renews my faith. Such beauty and simplicity in our own surroundings. You capture birds so wonderfully.


  6. lisa says:

    I’m right there with you, except mine has come on Monday. The day started bad and is going downhill quickly…and it’s only 9am. So, I strongly agree with your solution of going to the garden for solace. Wish I could just chuck the day and sit on my patio….uninterrupted.


  7. Karma says:

    What a great way to get the grump out! All to often I find myself wallowing there instead of getting out of it. You are wise, Carol, and I thoroughly enjoyed your photos.


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