Things That Matter, Things That Don’t

On this day, the day we celebrate our independence, I am enjoying the quiet following short-lived bustle in our home. The short-lived bustle was me actually accomplishing a few things this morning, the break in our way-too-hot temperatures energizing me. Now I am done bustling, and any further activity this day will be contributed by Kat, who will be preparing the main parts of our meal. Our meal is certain to be an exact replica of those our forefathers enjoyed on this day. They certainly must have enjoyed barbecued ribs, potato salad and cole slaw, don’t you think?

On this day of quiet celebration, I also think about things that matter. Which leads to thoughts of things that don’t matter. There’s a song about that, I believe. It goes without saying really, although I’ll say it anyway, that my friends and family, humanoids and furry included, matter.

Living in my little bit of paradise matters. Having a comfortable home matters. Having sufficient food matters. Being the best person I can be matters. Being loyal matters.

Having a good internet connection and the appropriate devices with which to enjoy that connection matters. I mean, really, let’s get down and dirty with the truth! Having a camera with which to capture images of the furry-friends-that-matter matters. Having the freedom to use these things matters.

This Bailey girl, the one who turns her head away from me whenever the camera is pointed at her, matters but the fact that she turns her head away from the camera does not. She is still my girl, despite the fact that she is sometimes aloof and overly independent.

Things that don’t matter include the dust balls that roll around my hard surface floors. Although I think they are not really balls of dust – I think they are really balls of dog and cat hair. Have I mentioned that we have been having unusually hot weather? Have I mentioned that I go limp in really hot weather, and pushing a vacuum around requires a good deal more energy than I have? So – the balls of dust/dog/cat fur really don’t matter. Not right now. Not today.

It does matter that yesterday Kat and I were able to spend the whole evening on the front deck, enjoying a nice breeze and the cooling effect blowing in as a result of the thunderstorms that occurred to the south of us. It doesn’t matter that dinner was a free-for-all. Leftover pasta salad, green salad. That for Kat and me. A hamburger and leftover pasta salad for husband. The furry girls were stuck with their usual dry dog/cat food. With a dental bone chaser for the big girls. For Kat and I – we don’t do dental bones, but wine works quite well. It doesn’t matter that the cleanup after our slapdash dinner didn’t happen until this morning.

Today it doesn’t matter that the lawn looks like a second-stage jungle. Did I mention that it’s been unusually hot here? Did I mention that I go limp in really hot weather and if I’m not going to push a vacuum around I certainly am not going to go out there – in the sun – and mow the lawn. Never mind the mower doesn’t need pushing. It doesn’t go fast enough to make a good enough breeze to counteract the heat the rays of sun produce.

Things that matter: our friends and family, the freedom to celebrate this holiday as we choose – or not. The right to vacuum our floors, mow our lawns, wear makeup, play with our toys whatever they might be – or not..

Things that don’t matter: having less than many others, dog/cat hair on our furniture (it’s a bonus – we don’t charge for any you might take home with you), having lazy days, dust on furniture (if you can write your name in the dust it just proves you’re literate, don’cha know?), individual imperfections (so long, of course, as those imperfections do not cause harm to others).

It matters if you do not have enough. Having enough makes everything else not matter.

Enjoy your day, your weekend, your life!


About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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9 Responses to Things That Matter, Things That Don’t

  1. You just said everything perfectly about what makes us who we are. Our sense of individuality, family, loyalty and tradition. My husband and I just wrapped up hosting a July 4th bbg. He decided it was time to powerwash the deck, but I dissuaded him from mowing the lawn. I did vacuum the furniture, but assumed we would be outside so wasn’t too concerned about housecleaning. We prepared ribs, chicken and hot dogs and guests brought a spread of salads ands desserts. The day was sweltering hot and as much as we wished to stay outdoors, we had to take breaks in the AC. The dogs tried to hold up with the kids activities but it was easier to hide out in the bedroom. All said, we had a wonderful family gathering, which is just what it should be. Glad yours was happy as well.


  2. Heather says:

    I liked the whole post, but I loved your second to last sentence: having enough makes everything else not matter. Yes ma’am!
    Hope you enjoyed your *ahem* traditional dinner – I can’t imagine you didn’t. Even if clean-up occurs at some yet-to-be-determined time.
    Have a Happy! (I won’t specify a happy what)


  3. melouisef says:

    Love your pets! People that love animals are always special to me.
    They matter.


  4. So well said, Carol! I so love your entire outlook on things. I aspire to be so laid-back some day… I’m getting there. Yesterday was the first chance I had this summer to do some hand-trimming of some intricate parts of my lawn. WAY overdue and overgrown! Ten minutes into it, we had a downpour. No lightning or thunder, just torrents of warm rain. I just kept going. It didn’t matter if it was sweat or rain, I was bound to be wet anyways, so I continued my trimming through the downpour, and it passed after about 15 minutes. My husband, in his traditional “come in out of the rain” attitude, thought I was nuts. I got most of it done… enough of it done, before I was exhausted and took a nap (in the house).
    Glad you had a good July 4th. Looking forward to hearing from you again.


  5. “It matters if you do not have enough. Having enough makes everything else not matter.”

    Amen siSTAR!


  6. Karma says:

    I love your perspective and how you express it. It is good to remember what matters and what doesn’t. It is often too easy to get too wrapped up in the things that don’t. The pictures of the furry members of the family are sweet.


  7. Wonderful post, Carol! So true, and you say it so well.


  8. jay53 says:

    That is a great post, and I’m with you all the way. We have dust. We shouldn’t have dust because we’re both allergic to it, but we do have dust and it doesn’t matter .. not too much. As long as we don’t disturb it, we’re OK!

    Actually I’ve just done some dusting, and I used a tightly wrung out rag so that it didn’t fly around. That’s the only way I can really do it at all. I hate, loathe and detest housework (yes, all three) and it only matters if you let it.

    “if you can write your name in the dust it just proves you’re literate, don’cha know?”

    My favourite part!


  9. lisa says:

    Very nice post! We all too often forget about the things that matter most and dwell on the stupid things that seem to take up most of our time.


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