It’s Saturday, It’s Warm, It’s Wonderful

I am sitting on my front deck in capris and a tank top, because we are having incredible weather for May. It is 80 here, with a very gentle breeze. The birds are busy, eating and filling the air with their spring songs. Most years in May, I am sitting inside, looking out at weather that is not the least inviting, complaining that winter will never end. This. Is. Heaven.

A week ago, we were having heavy rain. Thundershowers. The angels were bowling, sending the rumble of their bowling balls down to earth, with flashes of light when they got a strike. I came out to capture the rain. Capturing rain is not much easier than capturing wind. Can you see it in this photo? It was a downpour. Half a block from us, I later learned, it was hail. Heavy hail. Big stones. In our yard, we were spared.

If I could not capture the rain effectively, I could get the runoff from the roof into the pot saucer that is sitting there. I don’t remember why that pot saucer is sitting there now. There was once a reason, I think.

There is a little hummingbird – but then, all hummingbirds are little, aren’t they? – coming to visit the feeder in front of me. He has an amazing purple throat – at least it looks purple in this light – in a half circle, reaching towards the back of this neck but stopping before it gets there, protruding from his neck just a little. Like scales. But hummingbirds don’t have scales. I know that. He does not look like the Rufous we usually have, and he is not the Calliope. Perhaps we have an early visitor. I’ll have to check iBird. iBird says it’s probably a Rufous, and advises that I am probably just wishful thinking, hoping for a more unusual visitor. I would share but my camera is – inside the house, of course. I need retraining to remember to always bring it out with me.

After the rain the black-headed Grosbeak came for dinner. That rain made the lawn oh-so happy, so this morning I mowed the back half. Some days I will do the whole lawn without a stop, but this day the sun was growing warm on my shoulders and I needed to use the string trimmer around the sprinkler heads. The front half of the lawn will wait, probably until Monday. Tomorrow I want to plant those plants I bought over a week ago. Perhaps fill the weed sprayer with more Round-up and spray the wayward grasses and weeds that are growing around the shrubs and trees. Last week I also bought a sprayer on wheels and it is so much easier to use than the kind that needs to be carried.

After the rain, the male Bullock’s Oriole also came for dinner. He detected my movement however and was hesitant about going to the nectar feeder. The male is much brighter, brassier and louder than the female. He complains voraciously when the girls and I are on the deck, invading his territory. He should realize it is I that provides nectar for him. He should be appreciative of that fact and allow me to enjoy my space and his presence.

This is my world. Husband just announced that he is having another sandwich and is fixing himself some soup – I am off the hook for dinner. I am happy. I will have a salad, which is my favorite thing when the weather is warm.

I am happy with my world. It is enough. I hope your world is enough.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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7 Responses to It’s Saturday, It’s Warm, It’s Wonderful

  1. I especially enjoyed the Oriole photo! I saw two in our back yard yesterday. What a treat — we haven’t seen them in this neck of the woods for years!


  2. Kathy says:

    Ahhh, it sounds lovely, Carol. We don’t see Baltimore Orioles here, either. So it’s delightful to see yours. Isn’t it interesting how the weather can vary just within a few miles? In our little town, 12 miles away, it can be 55 degrees and 70 degrees out here. crazy…


  3. Heather says:

    Carol, I’m having the weather you normally dread. It’s cold (upper 30s), windy, and snowing. By Tuesday it’s supposed to be back up near 70, though, so I won’t complain like your vociferous male orioles 😉
    Hope today is as pleasant as yesterday. Happy Mother’s Day!


  4. Beautiful visual you painted for me! It has cooled down here in the East, around 55 degrees. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get another frost.
    I might have to invest in one of those sprayer-on-wheels! String trimmers and carrying weed killer is just so hard on my back.


    • Carol says:

      I can relate to the back thing, Tamara. Last year I bought myself a battery-powered string trimmer and I love it! Now that the yard work is all my job, I’m trying to make it as easy as possible.

      Sent from my iPad


  5. dawnkinster says:

    Happy Mothers Day Carol!! Love the Oriole! We’re having cold and a bit of wet sleet. That’s ok…I had 83 degree weather in DC last week. It is all enough.


  6. Lovely pictures of your Saturday relaxation – thanks for sharing ;-)!!


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