My Part of the World has Sunshine

Sunshine abounds here. Warmth does not and our December snow lingers, but I cannot complain about that. Especially not with the weather so much of the rest of the country is experiencing. For those of you in the midwest and the east – actually, probably everywhere but on this western coast – stay inside where it is warm and safe as much as you can. Do the “stay away snow” dances and offer bribes to Mother Nature – perhaps she will have pity on you and provide sun and some warmth with a bit of melting of the snow piles.

We seem to be developing a semblance of normal. Whatever normal might be. That is a subjective term though, isn’t it? Whatever – we have a bit of a routine going now. We are comfortable in our space, we are warm, we are safe. Husband is doing very well, I think. Tomorrow we go back to the neurosurgeon for a follow-up visit, so perhaps we’ll know more then.

Our furry girls appear happy to be back to normal.

When I was packing to leave, Lily thought the suitcase was a good place to be. Perhaps expressing a desire to go along? Perhaps just declaring everything in this house as her territory.

Lily – who is the star of this post – discovered that I was winding some yarn, which she thought was quite interesting.

Interesting enough to require closer examination. Oh, the temptation. I’m quite certain the only reason she didn’t jump on it was because I was right there. She was on my lap, checking it out.
Within striking range if she got too aggressive.

After a lot of racing around the house, checking out her outside world, investigating my yarn-winding, she decided it was nap time. Something all of us have been deciding quite often in this household this week. Napping is good. It’s restorative.

Now back to the laundry. There seems to be no end to the laundry.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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10 Responses to My Part of the World has Sunshine

  1. My favorite is the second photo where Lily has her feet on the floor, paws on the table, and eyes glued to the fascinating yarn-winder!


  2. I’m so glad you’re finding rays of sunshine, and a comfortable routine, in your lives now. I know you’re happy to be home. 🙂


  3. jay53 says:

    My goodness, Carol … where do I start? I popped in here about half an hour ago expecting to read a post or two and leave a comment and move on. I’ve clearly missed a lot – too much! But I’ve now caught up with all that’s been going on. You poor sweetie, you have been through the mill, haven’t you? Have a virtual hug, my dear.

    I am SO glad to have read all this now that your husband is home and doing better. I hope he will heal well and surprise all the doctors, and you can both breathe a little easier for a while. Hug your furry family, too – they are such a great comfort, aren’t they?


  4. dawnkinster says:

    Glad you got some sunshine! You deserve it!! Hope you get some rest too…laundry never goes away just because we do it…so whatever….knit a little, wash a little…knit a little..wash a little….


  5. Joanne says:

    Napping sounds good for you both, Carol, after the stress of the last few weeks. You can curl up with your furry friends, cosy and warm and restore your strength. Lily certainly is a star! I love the expressions she has in each photo too. You can see exactly what she is thinking! 🙂


  6. Heather says:

    Oh happy sun!
    It’s nice that your furry ones are content and back on routine. Our two take forever to readjust. We normally flee the house for a bit the day after we return because they are just to frantic with neediness.
    Good luck at the neurosurgeon’s! Hoping for good news for you!


  7. Lynne Ayers says:

    Normalcy and routine – sometimes we long to escape it and other times it is the only thing that makes us better.


  8. Lisa says:

    We have sunshine today too. Yesterday was 60. Today is 40. But there is sun, which helps. The furry ones look very comfy!


  9. Karma says:

    Love the photos of curious Lily. I can imagine how tempting a yarn-winder must be to a cat! Does Lily tuck herself into blankets or does she have help? My Cedric likes to “tunnel” under the comforter on my bed. It amuses my girls and me to no end to pat the lumps of the comforter searching for the exact spot he has hidden himself – when you find him a “murrrr???” sound emerges from beneath.


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