Developing a Routine – is it possible?

We are Home! We got home late Monday afternoon and have been busy trying to get things in order. Ha! Not sure there is such a thing as order!

Husband is still on fluid restriction so of course all he can think of is fluids. I have a command center so I can track fluid consumption and monitor the additional medications. If it isn’t in writing, I’ll be lost, I think. He is doing well, sleeping quite a bit which is probably very good for him, since I think he didn’t get so much rest in the hospital. Odd, isn’t it? They tell you to rest to build up your strength and get better – then they wake you every couple of hours to check your vitals or give you a pill or draw blood or do something, anything, to disturb your rest!

Everything is on the upside. We are home. Husband is more “himself” than he has been in months.

Did you know with “upside” there is often some “downside”? I’m finding that out. We are home. The mountains of laundry must be dealt with if we wish to have clothes to wear. Not to mention the laundry bins overflowed. Slowly that is happening.

We are home. I must cook. AAAARGH!

Husband is more “himself” – husband is starting to assert his wishes, like what we should watch on TV. Wait! I’ve been the controller of the controller for months now. What is this share thing?! I think he should go nap a bit now. Or read his book.

Furry girls quickly adjusted to being back home. But not so sure they could trust us. Behind me as I move about the house are these shadows. Bigs ones and smaller ones. In my bed at night I have white dog on one side, white cat on the other. Not as much space as in my motel bed. Husband seems to get enough space – in my viewpoint, which is probably not completely objective. Fortunately, black dog and black cat do not wish to join us in the bed.

I have finally discovered I can watch Downton Abbey Season 3, but I must pay for it. iTunes is pricey – as are all Apple-related things I think. Amazon is more reasonable. Amazon is my buddy.

So, while a load of clothes dries and another washes, I shall go watch episode 1 of Season 3. Off-duty for a bit, I will be.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to Developing a Routine – is it possible?

  1. Heather says:

    What happened to sweat pants while the laundry waits 😉
    Very glad you’re home and adjusting. I am sure you will catch up in your own time. Meanwhile, Amazon does indeed make a nice buddy!


  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Hospitals are the last place for patients (and their support people) to get rest and sleep. I’m glad your hubby is getting some extra rest it will be good for him. Downton Abbey you will so enjoy and it will give you a break from reality. Take it easy on yourself. Now you need to pamper you as much as as possible.


  3. Good to hear you are back home with the girls. I am sure they missed you. This will be better for your husband to recover, too, without all the disturbances. Best wishes.


  4. I’m tickled pink that you’re all (2-leggeds and 4-leggeds) precisely where you should be 🙂


  5. Joanne says:

    Welcome home Carol, and what a releif it must be to finally sleep in your own bed again! I’m sure you will adjust to the laundry, cooking, sharing and less-room-in-the-bed “new” routine, before you know it! You didn’t mention the snow and the birds, but I’m sure that can wait ’til another post. 🙂


  6. Colleen says:

    So glad you’re all back home, Carol. And that your husband is feeling well enough to want the remote! A good sign, I think 🙂


  7. Northern Narratives says:

    If I lived nearby, I would gladly do all your laundry 🙂


  8. I’m so glad you both made it home and are now on your way to recovery…and laundry! 🙂 Hope all goes smoothly as you settle back in, Carol. I just started watching the first episode of Downton Abbey. Can’t wait to get into it. Godspeed. 🙂


  9. Dawn says:

    Yes I think we virtual neighbors would be cooking and doing the laundry so you two could just enjoy fighting over the TV remote together. 🙂 Glad you’re will all settle down. But don’t be afraid of asking for help from neighbors. I bet they’d be glad to help if they knew what you needed.


  10. Karma says:

    Welcome home! I hope your re-adjustment to home life is going well.


  11. Hi Carol,
    So glad you are both safe at home! We watched the first five episodes of Season Three Downton Abbey for free online, but now that we are caught up, we have to wait until they are aired on TV before we can watch them on our computers.


  12. Lisa says:

    I’m sure despite all the downsides, you’re loving being home! Heck…we all love that you’re home! I just got into Downton Abby this year and have to admit that I’m sort of hooked on it now!


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