Travel Theme: On Display

This week Where’s My Backpack has chosen the Travel Theme of “On Display”. My selections are photos taken in Seoul and Beijing of items “on display”.

20121016-102523.jpgThis one was taken in Seoul, at either Itaewon or Nandaemun, I’ve forgotten which.

All of the following photos were taken in Beijing:








20121016-103030.jpgI think this one was not an item for sale, but he was on display in a shop window as we passed the shop on our way to enjoy some lamb shish-ka-bobs.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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13 Responses to Travel Theme: On Display

  1. Heather says:

    Such colorful displays! I’ve never traveled somewhere that I didn’t have a passing fluency in the language. I’m not sure how I’d cope.


    • Carol says:

      You travel with a son (or daughter or friend or . . .) who is able to communicate. Actually, Kat and I were bouncing around Seoul by ourselves and did very well – we were surprised. In Beijing, we relied on Gep.

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  2. Lisa says:

    A very colorful place! I’m sure it was the trip of a lifetime. Love the husky dog….he probably could be had for the right price!


  3. Hi Carol,
    What a coincidence that your post is of the place I am heading to at the end of the month! What time of year were you there? It looks cold….Either way, you have whet my appetite for some native cuisine- none of this junk we get here.


    • Carol says:

      We went in March and it was quite chilly, but not intolerably so. We did get to experience the “yellow air” in Beijing, when the winds whip up and blow the Gobi desert into town. The result is that my photos taken in the Forbidden City have a golden glow about them, and hair standing on end.

      Sent from my iPad


  4. Max510 says:

    Great shots for this challenge !
    Lovely dog


  5. Carol – The second to the last photo (just before the handsome Siberian Husky, or is it a Malamute?), is obviously a street vendor (because of the scale) on his large tricycle. It looks like maybe he’s “stirring” something. I wonder what it was? There’s a fellow on the ground, off to the right. I believe he’s an amputee as he’s got a shoe on his right hand.


    • Carol says:

      Yes, they were street vendors just outside the Forbidden City as we exited. There were several offering a variety of cake-type things -not certain what the ones shown here were selling. The one on the ground was an amputee – he sat on a skateboard type device and pushed his cart.

      Sent from my iPad


  6. Wow – a great, colorful gallery of display, Carol (and the husky puppy was a nice capture, too – so cute!)


  7. ideflex says:

    Your gorgeous photos remind me how much I miss Seoul – especially the shopping! Paris has nothing on the this town…


  8. Joanne says:

    Asian cities always appear to be so busy and colourful Carol. I love the hat that the lady in the fifth photo is wearing, it looks like she has an animal on her head! 🙂


  9. A perfect post, especially fitting for the theme!


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