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Wandering Through the Grains of Wheat

One evening last week, Gep loaded up his camera equipment, Kat put on her model face and we drove off into the sunset, looking for that place that said “here I am, the perfect spot for taking pictures”. It was … Continue reading

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There is an Author – Her Name is Cheryl

I have this need pouring from within me, this need to talk about Cheryl – Cheryl Strayed, the author. Awhile back, I read her memoir about her hike on the Pacific Trail, her struggles to deal with her mother’s death, … Continue reading

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Follow Us, Back to the Car

The girls have had their swim, Kat and I have had our walk, it’s time now to head back to the car and back home for our evening glass of wine. I liked the lichen on this old tree stump, … Continue reading

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Over Hill, Over Dale, to the Wood River we go

One evening early last week while Gep was still in California, Kat and I loaded the girls (the doggy girls) into the car and headed over hill and dale to the Wood River Day Use area. At the end of … Continue reading

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Time for the Kids to Leave

No, not my kids – they could stay much longer if they wished. But mom and dad swallow think it’s time for their kids to fly out into the big world. The nest box opening usually has one of the … Continue reading

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Weeklly Photo Challenge: Wrong

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is for a photo showing “wrong”. Here’s my entry – daughter beating mother in Words with Friends is just wrong!

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Getting to be Big Birds Now

We think our kids grow fast, but birds, they really do grow fast. Here’s a video taken today:

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