Share Your World – Week 33

Happy Sunday morning! Another weekend, another Share your World offered by Cee. This week’s questions won’t require as much thought as the past couple have for me, and to a large extent I think my answers will closely resemble those that Cee gave. Unless I can figure out a way to complicate them, and I’m pretty good at that.

1. What type of pets do you have or want? My girls are quite well-known to my friends – blog and real world. The two dogs – Bailey who is a black lab/border collie mix, our more reserved older girl; Shasta, the younger yellow lab of the English breed who has been on a diet forever but seems to never lose weight so I’m thinking maybe she’s supposed to be roly-poly. Then there are the two cats – Twiggy, the five-year old torty, who was such a skinny little brat when she was a kitten she was given her name (how many of you remember the 1960s model from London?). She has plumped out now and after 2 years since Shasta arrived in her queendom has finally decided to make peace and rejoin the family (she spent a good part of these past two years up on the soffit in the kitchen or in one of the bedroom closets). Then, the last to join our family – Lily, whose mom is a tabby-point Siamese, whose beauty and blue eyes won me over instantly. I had visions of this loving little kitty – ha! She does, however, make a great subject for pictures.

2. Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures? Easy answer – take pictures. Two reasons – I love to take pictures and I live in denial – I pretend to be younger than I am and I do not want to really see the wrinkles that seem to show up so well in pictures.

3. What household chore do you absolutely hate doing? Housework. Well, really it’s the getting started on it. Once I’ve cleaned something, I love seeing the difference. Which is precisely why I always wait until the dust is deep enough that I can write my name in it before I go on a mission to eliminate it. And – I have a bridge for sale – anyone interested?

4. What’s your least favorite mode of transportation? This one does require some thought. My least favorite would depend upon the circumstances – A train is fine for not-very-long trips unless you can have a sleeping car too. Flying is okay and necessary some times, but I hate hate hate the TSA process, the little-crowded-together seats, the unhappy stewardii that seem to be on every flight I get on (which are few). Driving is perfect when you have time and can meander off main roads to see whatever catches the fancy. I think maybe wagon-train would be most unattractive to me.

Today I have three photos to share – front-deck viewing photos, of course.

The Rufous, actually sitting still for awhile

Mom and Dad Quail, photo by Kat

Adult quail with babies – not very good photo because by the time I got my camera and was ready to shoot, the parade had made it to the shady area and then scurried into the scrub.

Y’all have a great day, okay?

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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5 Responses to Share Your World – Week 33

  1. mlissabeth says:

    Wagon train as least favorite, eh? 🙂


  2. Cracking up a “wagon train” response! Love the photos – especially the Rufous.


  3. Cee Neuner says:

    OK Wagon train might be fun for a sampling. But to really use as a mode of transportation…nope!! Loved your answers!!!


  4. Dawn says:

    How about skate boarding? That for me is a non-favorite way to travel….

    Hey Carol – would you send me a photo of your bird bath, preferably with a bird in it? I want to show my husband because I think it’s really cool…and we’ve been thinking about getting something. You can email me at



  5. Heather says:

    I am SO with you on the flying. We will be driving 16 hours to Atlanta in a few months because we so abhor flying. I admit, though, that a wagon *might* be worse…


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