Complacency Draws the Attention of Mother Nature

And that attention is not always the positive kind. Sometimes complacency turns Mother Nature into the Wicked Witch of the West and things happen while we sleep, as in what happened Thursday night while we slept:


Yep. Even though we’d had a couple of very gray very chilly days, I was quite comfortable that spring was here, the peonies and lilacs budding and preparing for bloom very soon, the grasses growing and crapapple trees blooming. Complacent, you might say. Silly me!


Apparently I was in need of a lesson in humility. Apparently I needed to be reminded to fully appreciate the warm sunny days, to appreciate that the lawn is becoming quite jungle-like and to just get out there with the mower and tame it instead of grumping to myself about it.

In our neck of the woods, here in the Klamath Basin of Oregon on the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains, it is not unusual to have that display of anger from Mother Nature near the end of May. We have been known to have snowflakes on July 4, and one of the thirteen years we have been here we had a frost every single month of that year. Let us just say that if you wish to grow vegetables here, a greenhouse is a very good idea. Or a lot of conscientious weather-watching and being prepared to cover plants overnight. Although the charts say we are in zone 6 for gardening, don’t let them fool you. Plan to plant as if you are in zone 4, and if you wish to live dangerously or can find a warm micro-climate in your yard you can dare to plant for zone 5.

Our weather is actually rather temperate – our winters are rarely terribly cold, not North Dakota cold, and our summers are quite mild with only two or three weeks of temperatures in the mid-80s to mid-90s, if that many days. It is those surprise frosts and snows that irritate, that make plants a bit resistant to bringing out their showiest finery. It is those surprises that make me grumpy and make me call our weather “fickle” and refer to Mother Nature as that wicked witch of the west. Husband says it’s personal, that she just flat doesn’t like me. If that is the case, I apologize all my friends and neighbors – although honestly, I don’t think I’m a big enough fish in the pond to have that much effect on old MN.

Today, the sun shines and the weather threatens thundershowers. Tomorrow we are to return to temperatures in the 60s and I shall hop on the lawn tractor and mow the grass. I shall revel in the smell of that new-mown grass and enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

And I shall remember to thank MN for a lovely day!

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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9 Responses to Complacency Draws the Attention of Mother Nature

  1. Kathy says:

    I just pressed “like” and then thought twice. Should one really “like” this post? We certainly don’t want your snow to come thisaway, although, truly, I LOVE the way blooming flowers look with a little snow on them. Glad that Mother Nature reminds us to appreciate the warmth when we have it. I’ll join in that appreciation with you, Carol.


  2. Like Kathy, I love the little “snow caps” on the flowers.

    I didn’t know you were up in the Pacific Northwest! I lived on the Washington side of the Columbia River for five years back-in-the-day (in an itty bitty town called Washougal. Crown Zellerbach was the largest employer in the area. I worked in a lumber mill, as a “Lumber Jane” at the Hambleton Brothers Lumber Company (way back then it was a saw mill).


  3. Heather says:

    Although I would be broken-hearted to wake up to snow after the weather we’ve had, I’ll admit that I *love* your picture of tulips under snow! Enjoy your outdoor labors 🙂


  4. Dawn says:

    Oh man. I saw on the news that there was snow in your part of the world and hoped it missed you. Sorry it didn’t. It IS pretty though…from way over here….


  5. I love the snow-capped tulips!


  6. My mouth dropped open when I saw your first shot of the tulips capped in snow. That would be shocking around here, but it sounds like you are used to it. Enjoy riding on your mower and smelling the fresh cut grass today. Like you say, MN makes you appreciate nice days when you have them.


  7. Lynne Ayers says:

    I’ve lived where I’ve seen frost 11 months out of 12 … bu snow in July?! Oh my.


  8. Lisa says:

    Snow in July? That’s just wrong on so many levels. Hope everyone survived MN little tantrum and warmer days are finally here for you.


  9. Wow! Maybe I shouldn’t be putting my bedding plants out ! We, in the UK have had 28 C last week and now 11C had been forecast for Monday. Whatever the weather enjoy the moment 🙂


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