The Weekend is Over, Time to Rest

You know you’re no longer a spring chicken when you have a couple of activities on the weekend, and wake up Monday knowing you need this day to rest. A few years ago this weekend would have been exhilarating, as it was, and a bit tiring, but Monday morning we would have gotten up and headed off to work, no worse for the wear. Now, we’re out of practice.

Saturday the son of one of our neighborhood group got married. While he has been wed before, his bride has not, so they went for one of those fairy tale weddings, the kind that when all is said and done you have lovely memories and pictures to look at fondly, but could have had a healthy deposit into an account for a down payment on a house instead. In my brain, practicality sometimes rules – in my life, the big wedding has never been a priority. Husband and I had a small, private wedding, attended only by family at the home of a friend who performed the ceremony, followed by a dinner out with those we love. For me, that provided sufficient memories and fun photos for my album. But that’s me at an age that was more than 20 years older than these young folks who wanted something different, which they had. It was lovely and as we headed home to put our feet up (it’s hard work sitting for several hours as observers and then diners, you know), they headed off to the coast for their honeymoon accompanied by our best wishes.

Sunday – Sunday was a golden banner day! The 50th anniversary of our information gatherer and her husband, with a celebration provided by our gracious one and her husband. A glittery, comfortable, loving celebration with friends and more food than anyone could want and joy all around.


The anniversary couple, surrounded by friends and family, cutting their cake after a champagne toast.


A view of the waterfall and petunias. Gracious one and husband have a very large yard, a wonderful yard with a large hill from which flows a waterfall into a pond – a pond their younger dog and our younger dog view as their private swimming pool. Of course, gracious one and her husband do not mind, because they are gracious and generous.


The youngest granddaughter of the anniversary couple, demonstrating the freedom and lack of worry of the very young. Oh, those days of youth and play!


It is on the front porch of the gracious one that the robin laid her eggs. You can see a couple of the heads of the little babies below mama in this photo.


The eggs hatched a few days ago, and I did not have my camera with me to get photos of the newborn, but I did have my camera with me yesterday for the anniversary party (it was my job to take pictures). They have already grown and have sprouted some feathers, as you can see.

Sitting here with feet up, iPad and keyboard on lap, coffee at my side – this is as energetic as it’s going to get today. There was some thought of mowing lawn on this day, but that thought has been tabled until tomorrow.

As you grow older, rest days become more important you know. Maybe you all should start practicing now – I would enjoy the company!

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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11 Responses to The Weekend is Over, Time to Rest

  1. Hi Carol! What a nice thing to go out into the world and celebrate not only someone’s fresh new beginning, but a longtime anniversary, an even greater accomplishment to celebrate.

    I agree about the wedding thing. Our wedding wasn’t small, but it was a potluck. We bought the champagne and a few anchor dishes. Friends brought hot and cold dishes, and flowers for the tables from their home gardens. We hired a great old timey band and caller for a square dance. My clogging group performed to kick off the celebration, and that was about all the excitement we were willing to invest in. It was a lovely party, and after almost thirty years and two kids, we can still say we wouldn’t have changed a thing.


  2. Oh my gosh, I love the photograph of the little imp in the swing, brandishing her underpants without a care — like a banner of courage!

    “…the big wedding has never been a priority.” Amen!


  3. Sheri says:

    I totally agree with “big wedding has never been a priority.” I’m from a small farming community in Kansas. Wedding #1 was at my church, mother made my absolutely beautiful dress, only one attendant and she used her former bridesmaid dress. No formal invitations, it was announced in the church bulletin. The service was “standing room only” as it was raining cats and dogs. Since the farmers couldn’t work the fields, they decided they’d go “to that Simon girl’s wedding.” Wedding #2 was just family & close friends, with rented artificial flowers!!


  4. orples says:

    Well, I must say between that child on the swing and the baby robins, this post just made my day, Carol. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 My son and his bride-to-be are getting ready to have a fancy wedding in July, and I keep telling them to use the money, either on their house or for a nice honeymoon. But they want the fancy wedding. I guess to each their own. I agree with you though, I think they money would be better spent elsewhere. We’re old. What do we know? 😉


  5. Joanne says:

    I had only just turned 21 when I got married, and like you, had a small wedding with dinner afterwards. Big fancy weddings have never been a priority to me at all, but some do like the idea. Ah well, each to his own.

    The 50th Anniversary certainly is cause for celebration. I’m more inclined to get all mushy over that celebration! How wonderful to have lasted that long, still loving each other and not driving each other crazy! Lol.

    You have a lovely series of photos here today Carol, and I especially love the family of robins. Hope you are having a lovely relaxing day. 🙂


  6. Heather says:

    This is just sweet, all around. Love the anniversary couple cutting the cake, and the little girl, and the baby robins – though I think they were perhaps more attractive as eggs 😉
    Hope you enjoyed your rest day!


  7. Judy Staines says:

    Oh, Carol, I may be a few years behind you, but I know exactly what you mean! I’ve had a busy week, followed by a busy weekend, and (not being as sensible as you), a busy day yesterday, which included a practise run at getting our new gazebo up in the garden. I ache from head to foot this morning!!

    I love the pictures you chose. The little girl upside down on the swing reminds me of my own carefree youth, and I’m always super-impressed when someone gets such great shots of a mother bird and her chicks.

    The anniversary couple look so happy. But I don’t want to think about how close that one is creeping for us! I’m like you – we had a low key wedding (home-made dress, quiet, ordinary reception in a football club hall) but when it all comes down to it, what does it matter? The important thing is this: will the love you share stand the test of time? No good having the whitest, grandest wedding in the world if it doesn’t!


  8. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend! I love the girl hanging upside down! So carefree. =)


  9. A wedding and a 50th anniversary in one weekend! No wonder you are exhausted. I loved your descriptions of the events. Your baby robin pictures came out so much better than mine. I had to balance on a chair on my tiptoes to get a shot, so you must have had a better angle. I also scared them away when I started my weekend painting project. I guess they were due to leave the nest anyway, but I felt badly. I hope their mom appreciated my help.


  10. Lisa says:

    I’m a huge advocate of the 4-day weekend. Rest up before the weekend and then take a day after to recuperate. Funny, not too many share that sentiment and I’m expected to be at work Friday and Monday. Absolutely love the upside-down little girl on the swing. I can just imagine Peanut doing that!


  11. I’m so glad it’s just not me who needs a break from the weekend. I fully intend to spend this morning sitting and writing, and maybe the afternoon too! We’ve just celebrated our 30th anniversary, but chose just to have a meal out and a reminisce – that way we only bored ourselves with the anecdotes!!!


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