Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

This week, The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is something I’m sure we all experience from time to time – being unfocused. That most often happens to me when it comes time to do things I don’t like to do; like cooking, cleaning house, that kind of thing.

However, in the interest of participating with photos, here are my choices:

An attempt to capture the butterfly at the butterfly gardens near Butchart Gardens.

At the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota, this eagle was dining but my hand was not steady

An eagle drinking, again my hand was less than steady

That’s it – a few samples of times when I just couldn’t focus.


About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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9 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

  1. Great examples of “unfocused.”


  2. Heather says:

    It’s always frustrating when you feel like you’re going to get a good shot, but then it’s unfocused. It’s those times (and when I forget my camera!) that I remind myself that some moments just have to be lived.


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  4. Lisa says:

    HA! I’m glad this happens to others too. Mine happen mainly with hummers, bees, butterflies, etc.!


  5. Great shots for this theme!


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  7. Dawn says:

    Oh don’t we all have some of those! LOL! Mine are mostly Katie.


  8. Judy Staines says:

    I am often unfocused! I love your post!

    It is annoying though, when we go somewhere special and see something unusual and DON’T manage to get a nice clear shot. Still .. some unfocused shots can turn out surprisingly well!


  9. Northern Narratives says:

    I like the eagle photos. The eagle center in Wabasha is really cool 🙂 Judy


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