Photography Scavenger Hunt – April

Karma has posted her selections for the April scavenger hunt. She’s suggested that we post at least four photographs of our favorite things. This one was a bit tough, because I seem to have a lot of favorite things, but I finally picked a few pictures that I think best represent my favorite things.

At the top of the list, of course, are my girls. Bailey and Twiggy are the two oldest.

The two youngest – Shasta and Lily. Interesting, I think, how they seem to have paired up although that’s probably just because of the order in which they became members of our family.

Cannot go without listing the iPad and my morning coffee! Those things without which I could not start my day. Or I could not happily start my day. The day would come without them, but it would not come without them without a grump, or two, or more, from me.

My Blurb books, created from my digital scrapbooks, of photos taken during the period of a year or during special trips. The top one showing here is my photographic record of the year 2010; below it are the books created from the Portland trip to see the American Idol concert, a book created from the last trip husband and I made to the Oregon coast, a book of old photos of my mother and father, and a book telling the story of the early days in the relationship of husband and me. In the bookcase in the living room are the scrapbooks I printed myself before I discovered Blurb.

Stretching it a bit – Karma suggested photos of hobbies – other than photography. In truth, I forgot that exception when I was selecting photos. After reading her instructions again, I dipped my head in shame (or at least pseudo-shame), then began to rationalize. That’s one of my best-developed abilities, rationalization. It especially comes into play when I really want something I don’t need. In any case, this photo represents a “thing” that is one of my favorites – my camera. It isn’t a representation of hobby in this instance. You do see the difference, yes?

Our front deck, on which I have the pleasure of spending lots of time in the warm weather seasons, watching the birds, breathing the fresh air, enjoying a glass of wine and when my kids are here, their company.

Some of the birds I enjoy watching when sitting on the deck.

Shasta heard me thinking about this challenge and said she wanted to play too. PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, she said. With those eyes, I could not resist. So this picture above is her selection of her favorite things – one of her Nylabones and her used-to-be-stuffed rabbit.

There are many many things I have not represented here – my hobbies, which include the afore-mentioned but unmentionable photography (actually I take pictures – my son is the photographer), knitting, reading, spending time with the people I love, gardening, blogging.

As a bonus, we were to post a photo representing what we think are some of Karma’s favorite things. Tough one, that. I think her favorite things are spending time with her family – how do I show that in a photo? Another of her favorite things is photography – not permitted. The cruise she and her family just took – she’s doing a terrific job of showing that on her blog. Which is where you should go now – to Karma’s blog using the link above. Try it, you’ll like it!

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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18 Responses to Photography Scavenger Hunt – April

  1. crimeandliterature says:

    I love seeing your photographs! What a great eye for composition! I had to laugh at your paragraph about “rationalization.” You have a talent for that, too, because I totally bought your argument:)


  2. crimeandliterature says:

    I love your photographs! You have a great eye for composition! I had to laugh at your paragraph about “rationalization”. You have a talent for that, too, because I totally bought your argument:)


  3. Lisa says:

    No need to hang your head in shame. Hobbies other than photography? Can’t think of any that could top that. I’ll be posting my Quotography selection later today, which is Hobbies. Methinks there’s a conspiracy going on here. 🙂 And don’t you just love self-publishing?! I have a number of vacay books from Shutterfly.


  4. Your pets color coordinated for the pics! I gush every time I see Lily. She’s so pretty.


  5. Heather says:

    I also noticed how your girls color-coordinated 😉
    I have to say that I fully expected to see some yarn! As we to try to plan a deck redesign (ours is about 40 years old and is developing holes!), I grow more envious of your deck. No wonder it’s a favorite!


  6. I love these photographs — each and every one. Your girls are wonderful. I love the view from your front porch. The birds and feeder. The blurb books — a legacy of a life well invested (not spent — there IS a difference). And of course your camera, coffee, and iPad.

    Tomorrow (Apr 26) I have the unique opportunity to be one of eighty people to have lunch with the Dalai Lama after he speaks to a crowd of 4,000 people about peace at Loyola University. I plan to write about the experience in Tuesday’s blog post. Security will be tight. Very tight. And we are not allowed to bring cameras to the luncheon. I’m either going to have to use an internet photo of the Dalai Lama and/or paint a phenomenal word picture.


  7. Colleen says:

    Your deck and yard are so inviting. I can understand how it would be on your list of favorite things. And those pines! I can always smell them when you share your yard photos 🙂


  8. suzicate says:

    your photos are always fabulous!


  9. What a cool idea to bind your favorite photos into a book! So much nicer than searching your computer files for them. Maybe I’ll try it.


    • Carol says:

      Easy to do, and Blurb is (or at least was) the most economicl of the sites I checked a few years ago. I use Photoshop Elements for photo editing/putting together the digital scrapbook pages, but Blurb has software called you can download for actually putting the book together.


  10. diggingher says:

    Enjoyed the travel through your favorite things. I adore how your pets have paired up, so sweet. Blurb books are a great idea. Do you use a web based program?


  11. Karma says:

    That was a bit of a stretch including the camera, but I’ll take it! 😉 I think it is funny how your pet pairs sort of “match” – the two darker colored ones together and the two lighter ones together. You have some great favorites -as does Shasta! 🙂


  12. Carol says:

    Thank you all for your kind words – and I also find it interesting the way the girls pair off. But then Bailey and Twiggy were buddies before we got Shasta and Lily – I think Lily thinks she’s a dog, and Shasta thinks Lily is hers to take care of. Twiggy considers both of the a major nuisance.


  13. Joanne says:

    Carol I really enjoyed this post (and thank you Karma!) as it was a lovely way of getting to know you better. I hadn’t realised before, for example, that you had two cats and two dogs. And you’ve been to an American Idol concert (I watch American Idol every season!) and I’m guessing you enjoy travelling.

    The Burb book sound like something I would like and will be looking in to. What a great idea! And the view from your deck…what a beautiful garden! And the birds…

    And it didn’t end there. Now I’ll have to go over to Laurie’s and subscribe to her blog. Can you believe that she will actually be having lunch with the Dalai Lama? How exciting for her!

    Thank you for such an enjoyable visit to your world today. 🙂


    • Carol says:

      Joanne, I find it fascinating how blogging makes this large world so much smaller, so much closer. How easy it is to find bloggy friends and how after a little while of reading their blogs you get to know them – sometimes I think we know more about each other than I know about some of the people I see and live nearer to.
      Love Idol – this year is tough, and after last night I decided we just need to have six idols. I’m sticking my neck out and picking Skylar and Joshua for the top two (it’s time for a female idol), but Phillip is surprising and could displace one of them.


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