Sharing Your World – One More Week

Cee has once again prompted us to share a bit more about ourselves. She comes up with some very interesting questions and this week there are a couple that I’m not sure I have answers for. Let’s see what I come up with.

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, I do. Many years ago I lived in a very old house in the Hudson Valley in New York and often heard cupboard doors opening and closing at night while we were in bed. We had an old square piano, the keyboard of which occasionally an late night visitor would trip across. A more “in your face” example, however, was when a couple days after my less-than-three-year-old grandson died from the complications attending his cancer, husband’s cat became ill and could not be saved. That night the wind-up toy that I kept in the playpen with grandson when he visited when he was a baby that now resided on my nightstand suddenly started singing to me. Toby telling me he had Sam (the cat) with him I believe.

What is your best recipe? I’m not sure I have a best recipe. Husband likes my macaroni salad, kids like my potato salad, but neither of them are special. I think I just have not enough interest in cooking to have a best recipe.

What is your most favorite smell/scent? Ahhh – cinnamon, allspice, fresh bread baking, a freshly bathed and powdered baby, apple pie fresh from the oven with cinnamon/sugar liberally sprinkled over the top crust, newly mown grass, the scent of spring in the air and the scent of crisp fall air. This list could go on and on.

What sub­ject was your favorite in all of your school­ing? Why? English because it centered on words, and I do love words.

There will be no photos this day because I have not chosen any and put them in the Dropbox so I could access them on the iPad. The iPad being my favorite tool for blogging these days, the drawback being that I don’t keep pictures on it because it does not have a 500GB hard drive, or two of them, as does my desktop computer. I was going to wait until I had some photos, then decided I’m just getting further behind with my weekly blog assignments. Sometimes I move slowly and get behind.

But it’s okay, because I’m retired and I’m allowed.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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8 Responses to Sharing Your World – One More Week

  1. “Because I’m retired and I’m allowed.”

    Damn straight!


  2. I really enjoyed this post! So rich with stories and lovely descriptions. It did make me want to go and bake an apple pie!


  3. Heather says:

    Your ghost stories make my toes tingle! And now I, too, want to go bake an apple pie. It’s just above freezing here today, and windy, so I think a pie is just what I need.


  4. Sheri says:

    “Because I’m retired and I’m allowed.” One of the best statements EVER. I have a friend here in Sun City who is younger than most of us but since she lives in Sun City (with her “of age” husband) she has decided that she can take a nap anytime she wants . . . because she lives in Sun City!!


  5. Cee Neuner says:

    I so like dropbox. Great answers. Cinnamon is a favorite too!!


  6. Madhu says:

    Thank you for “because I’m retired and I’m allowed”! I am going to be using it a lot 🙂


  7. Lynne Ayers says:

    “I’m retired and I’m allowed” – ditto me and lovin’ it.


  8. Dawn says:

    Yes you are allowed. And sometimes words paint the best pictures anyway. I’m sorry about your grandson…that must be a terrible thing to live with. So young.


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