Hidden Treasures – Hidden Agendas

Raking pine needles is not my idea of a fun job, but sometimes when outside working there are treasures that might not be noticed otherwise.


Sunshine in the form of crocus, the few that remain from a planting in this area a few years ago. There are critters that lurk below the surface and consider the bulbs a special gourmet item, I think. The only bulbs that are truly safe are daffodils, for which I am grateful. Those lurking critters remind me a bit of some other factions in our society – lurking beneath cover, striking when we are not looking, tearing down the middle classes, making profits at the expense of their clients, being unsavory members of society.


A couple of Hellebores blooms – these little blooms are such a dark color, I often miss seeing them. They blend into their surroundings, hiding their beauty. One must look closely to see the beauty – a reminder that often beauty is not obvious, not the jump-out-at-you type, but that makes it no less beautiful. This might be something our society has forgotten – our society that has it’s predefined sense of beauty, that too often fails to see below the surface, that ignores what is not obvious and criticizes what doesn’t meet up to unreal expectations. People are not tract housing, people are not ducks in a row. People differ, and differences are good. We need not all look the same, we only need to look the way that makes us feel good, that is healthy both physically and emotionally for ourselves.


This is one of the morning room windows, through which I have often taken pictures of things outside, pictures I’ve shared with you. When you are outside looking in, the view changes. Outside looking in you see things you might not notice otherwise. You would think then, would you not, that our congress, those people whose lives are so much different than most of their constituents, who are so much more affluent than many of us, who get special considerations – things like health insurance, pensions – might stop long enough to take a look inside our worlds? Perhaps then they would actually make laws that matter, that make sense, that do not destroy those who are not affluent, you think?


Once the litter and debris is removed, once we get rid of the layers of unnecessary burdens, room is available for good things to grow. For good things to flourish.


A change of topic – showing what can be done if one focuses on accomplishing something. The cape that seemed to take me forever to knit is finally done, and I am quite happy with it. It’s the perfect weight for wearing when the temperatures are chilly but not icy. Before warmth finds its way in with full force.


Now my yarn purchases have taken on a new look. A bit of glitz, a bit of sparkle, a bit of shine. Why this obsession with glitter? I’m not sure; I suspect that it’s to compensate for the fact that there are too many days now that don’t have a lot of sparkle. When life starts to feel heavy and dull, I add glitter to my body and I feel brighter. Whatever works, right?

I read recently that in Canada the prime minister selects their congressman. I suspect it’s a matter of selecting as terms are ending, so he cannot stack their congress completely in his favor, but that might just be a way of actually managing to get things done in the government. I suspect they do not call it “congress”, but I don’t know their term, so you get the idea. I do think we need to do something in this country. Changes need to be made. We need to get back to honesty and concern for the country and its people, not concern for whether our party will be victorious or we will be re-elected.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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9 Responses to Hidden Treasures – Hidden Agendas

  1. Colleen says:

    Carol, you’ll surely be warm in that beautiful cape! And I love the bit of sparkle and the colors in your other projects. And as always, your insightful commentary !

    (in Canada we call it the Parliament and there are two parts to it, the Senate and the House of Commons. The 305 (or so) Members of Parliament (MPs) that sit in the House of Commons are elected and the 105? members of the Senate are appointed by the Governor General at the direction of the Prime Minister. The only term limit for Senators is mandatory retirement at age 75. Our Canadian Senate doesn’t have the same clout as your Senate and there has long been grumblings and mumblings about their perceived usefulness and/or effectiveness. There are many people voicing your sentiments, that changes need to be made…..)


    • Carol says:

      Thank you, Colleen, for explaining the way it works for us. What I read did not go into much detail, obviously. And a “duh” moment – of course I knew Canada had a Parliament. I did, I did! I’ll blame it on my maturing brain. A momentary senior moment, a momentary lapse.


      • Colleen says:

        Hi Carol, I was wondering after posting this if it had been a mistake. It was one of those spontaneous moments without a lot of consideration on my part (one of my senior moments!). I’m so glad you didn’t mind me sharing my (somewhat limited) understanding of our system. We are now living down here and I’m in the process of learning more about your good country’s politics and ways….one of the many reasons why I SO thoroughly enjoy your thoughts and your blog.

        Wishing you a wonderful, hopefully spring-like, weekend 🙂


  2. suzicate says:

    Yay, for spring! Love the crocus. Hadn’t heard of Hellebores but I like them!
    Your knitting is lovely!


  3. Lynne Ayers says:

    I like the analogies you made – nice post, Carol.


  4. Heather says:

    I love a surprise crocus! And I still wish I could knit. Perhaps some day it will take the top of my priorities list. As for government – I say strict term limits. Make honest, from-the-heart decisions instead of worrying about future votes.


  5. Madhu says:

    Wonderful surprises! Your critique of law makers probably holds good for most governments across the world. Nation building was forgotten along the wayside a long time ago! All they are worried about is how to stay in power. I do believe you are still better off than the rest!


  6. orples says:

    We need to pretty much replace Congress in the USA. It is time for fresh blood, and people that can read (especially the Constitutition) On a brighter note, I love your cape. I wish I had more time to knit myself. You did a great job on your needlework projects.


  7. Kathy says:

    I am glad you showed us some hidden treasures. Someone once had a blog called “Hidden in Plain Sight” or something similar. We are having such a quiet weekend around here with Mr. Barry mostly on the couch or in bed. It’s good to pause here.


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