My Body is Appreciating a Rainy Day

Today is rainy, and my old achey muscles are so very happy that they’ve been confined to a comfy chair inside where it’s dry. And where they do not have to move my arms to rake pine needles, or lift my body up and down to pick up piles of raked up pine needles. They are making it pretty clear that they are prepared to go on strike if I try to force the issue.


This morning, on this rainy day, there are no swallows flying around, checking out the houses. Over the weekend when I was outside working, they were very active. There are several vacancies in our yard and in the yards of our neighbors, and they are busy now inspecting, deciding which space best meets their needs and their preferences. This particular house sits just outside the morning room windows and is the one with the camera. The one that satisfies my voyeuristic tendencies.


This future mama spent a lot of time in this house, looking out from various angles. I think she found the accommodations to be what she wants. I think birds are not nearly as demanding as people. They can be as aggressive as the human race however; we’ve watched many a battle that takes a pair to the ground in disputes over living quarters. When we first put out some birdhouses, the bluebirds always managed to get the lease on one or two of them. Then the tree swallows discovered our development and have gradually become dominant, but not without some incredible feathered fights.


Speaking of bluebirds, there was a pair sitting on this house. Sitting very prettily, until I got the camera focused in on them. Then they flew away. Take my word for it, they were here. I am hoping they come back. Yes, you can trust what I say. I do not knowingly lie. I might embroider some of my tales on occasion,I might add a frill or two, but never would I lie to you. I would not be a very good friend if I could not be trusted, would I?


The warmer more springlike weather encouraged me to fill the thistle feeders, and on this day they were visited by a few finches – mostly pine siskin but also American goldfinch and a purple, or maybe house, finch. This rainy morning there is a feeding frenzy going on at these feeders. Many pine siskin, a few evening grosbeak, who really are quite large for these feeders, but since I’ve not offered sunflower seed will take what they can get.


Another pair of swallows at another house. My heart quivered while sitting on my deck taking a break, watching the frolic of the spring birds, delighting in the taste of spring. As I’m doing now, but from the comfort of my easy chair in my morning room. It seems to take less to make my heart quiver, to make it laugh and sing with happiness, in my mature years. I am here to tell you that if you allow it, if you can just relax and not spend your days fretting about the dust that accumulates on furniture and floors, or preparing a perfect meal, or being the perfect anything, there is enough pleasure and joy to be had in these golden years that it will offset that tarnish that builds up on the gold. It is time now to enjoy what we have, to relax and be what we wish to be.


A hummingbird flew to my window that morning, looking in at me as if to ask where the heck his breakfast was. Since I have a tendency to jump to the command of animals and birds, I immediately set a pan of sugar and water on the stove to boil and fetched a feeder from storage. This filled feeder is now hanging out here, awaiting the hummingbird who placed the request. Or any hummingbird for that matter. So where the heck are they? Come on, let’s have a little gratitude for my attempts to make your life a bit easier, hummingbirds! I know, patience is required.

And now my social comment for this day, not accompanied by a photo at all. I read an article in one of my news magazines the other day, discussing the rules the Republicans were setting for attendance at the national convention, which will be held in Tampa, Florida this year. Attendees will not be allowed to carry into the convention center water pistols, masks, or pieces of string. They will, however, be allowed to carry a gun. It seems Florida’s gun laws prohibit any restrictions on carrying guns. Gosh, I feel so much better now.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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8 Responses to My Body is Appreciating a Rainy Day

  1. After seeing those wonderful photographs, I can well imagine flocks and flocks of birds flying north after the winter and the conversation going something like this:

    Where ya headed?

    There’s this great spot called Carol’s Place — it’s Amazing!

    Me too — fancy that!


  2. Colleen says:

    I used to spend spend many a quiet hour watching the birds in our backyard. Now it’s mostly in the wild and along our green spaces but the enjoyment is still the same. The pines and assorted evergreens that I see in your lovely photos must provide haven and sanctuary for so many birds.

    Lovely yard and very lucky birds!

    Carol, your social commentary is just delightful. It reminds me so much of what Andy Rooney used to do, only better in some ways as it’s from a woman’s perspective πŸ™‚


  3. suzicate says:

    I love looking at photos of your yard and critters!
    I hope your arms are feeling better. It’s not the needles right now but the pine cones that are killing my arms and back. I picked them up on Sunday and again Monday morning…by the time I went to mow Monday evening I had to pick them up again. And yes, I picked up cones yesterday evening and the lawn is loaded again today!


  4. Heather says:

    We have a tree out back that drops cones, but it’s out where the grass is sparse, and I just cannot be bothered to remove the detritus. I’m grateful for your bird (house) photos. Every time I try to invite the birds, I get squirrels instead.


  5. Lynne Ayers says:

    Truly a lady after my own heart – we too have a couple of feeders right outside our dining room where we watch their antics. One cardinal, or perhaps it is all cardinals, who knows, but it is a cardinal, a male cardinal I might add, that we often see sitting on the side mirror of our car, looking at himself. I’m so pretty! I’m so pretty! As for the bluebirds, ours left a number of years ago and did not return and I miss them. A delightful post – enjoyed it.


  6. Lisa Fischer says:

    I so enjoyed seeing your bird shots today. I heard the hummers were back in our parts so I scurried to put out feeders. Nothing. Nada. No hummers yet. Oh well, our temps were in the 30s the last few nights so I imagine they’ve detoured a bit. Hope your day is wonderful.


  7. As always, your photos are stunning Carol. (And your final social note had me shaking my head…)


  8. Madhu says:

    That last bit makes me change my mind about your country being better off that the rest πŸ™‚ (As you can see I am catching up in reverse)


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