There is Hope

The morning after I posted my lament that spring was not near, and summer was even further away, through my morning window I saw a spot of color. I looked again and ran for the camera (which normally lives in this morning room, but had taken a walk to the computer desk). What I saw was this:


Be still my heart! Wait! Don’t be still, but flutter gently with happiness. A little fluffed-up-against-the-cold goldfinch! Joy! Smiles! Hope blossomed in that gently fluttering heart. Later that morning there were a couple of tree swallows flying around. Life is good!

Then Lisa at Peripheral Perceptions sent me spring flowers via her blog to make up for the lack of them in my yard. So much kindness in this land of blog! When I read that blog, what I was seeing out my window was those cold white flakes that fall from the sky during the winter and obviously during the spring too, so the warmth of her bright blooms was especially appreciated.

Between the flurries of white flakes falling yesterday, I went out with the girls for a bit of a walk-about of our yard. Okay, so the intent was to give the girls a potty break and toss the ball for Bailey a few times, but while we were out there, a walk-about seemed a good idea. Desperation and hope encouraging me, I walked first to the little bed where I had planted crocus a couple of years ago – the bed the underground critters had not yet found and feasted on. Oh my goodness! What I saw made me run back to the house for the camera (I really need to teach that camera to just always follow me wherever I go).


Sprouts! Spouts with the beginning of bloom, which may have been full bloom had we had any sun to shine upon the pretty little sprouts. Little crocus smiling up at me from within their furled up petals.


While I was there, it was a good time to take a picture of the mound of wooly thyme wearing its winter cloak of purple. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time. Down a little from the thyme mound is the creeping veronica whose proper name I do not know – the veronica was a gift from a friend, given to me shortly after we moved here from her garden – is beginning to show it’s spring green with tiny bits of new growth appearing. A little later, when it is a little warmer and sunnier, it will delight with it’s very early blue blossoms. A tiny bit of her appears at the top of this photo, to the left of the crocus.



Wandering further in the yard, I found this tiny little pink member of the corydalis family peeking up through the pine needle debris. I suspect if we could just have a day or two with temperatures in the 50s and no wind or at least only a little breeze – because the wind always makes it feel at least 10 degrees colder and I am a fair weather yardwork person – so I could do some clean up out there, I would find more treasures.

And then, in the area where the daffodils always bloom first, a little guy rising up with buds galore, one of which is trying to come out and greet the world. But those falling white flakes are discouraging, so perhaps it should wait just a bit in the hope that the environment will be a bit more friendly.

I came back into the house feeling uplifted, with more hope for warmth and blossoms than I had had earlier in the day. Until evening, before the light faded, the air was again filled with those falling white flakes. And this morning, when the thermometer on the tree out there is saying we are just a hair above 20.

Maybe next week.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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10 Responses to There is Hope

  1. Heather says:

    Those first spring awakenings are always SO exciting. If you happen to teach your camera to follow you, perhaps you could pass along your lessons?


  2. suzicate says:

    Yay, spring is on the way, and how lovely it is!


  3. I loved when you said:

    “Be still my heart! Wait! Don’t be still, but flutter gently with happiness.”


  4. Lisa says:

    Hallelujah, there IS hope! Crocus are such little troopers. They arrive come hell or…snow. So glad there are a few colorful signs of life for you. And thank you for the nice shout out. What are flowers for if you can’t share them with your friends?


  5. Lynne Ayers says:

    There IS life after winter!


  6. Dawn says:

    Wonderful! I KNEW there had to be some spring out there somewhere!


  7. Karma says:

    Awww! Love the finch on the stem! I thought it was a really poofy flower when I first saw the shot, LOL!


  8. Joanne says:

    How beautiful your garden is looking Carol! It must be so exciting to wait in anticipation for the bulb flowers to pop up through the earth, with their stunning flowers. And your little Goldfinch, don’t you just wish you could gently hug him close to keep him warm? 🙂


  9. I’m so happy for you! The crocus look beautiful, and I haven’t seen that lovely dark pink corydalis before. I know the yellow one well, and the lovely blue one. The pink is really pretty.
    Interestingly, your goldfinch (what a lovely photo!) is different from the goldfinches we have here.
    Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of one to show you, but they have red on their heads.
    (If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em – so I am now using this blog address to comment – which, hopefully does eventually lead back to my own little spot!)


  10. Kathy says:

    Be still our hearts. There is still hope…


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