More Sharing, Week 11

It’s week 11 of sharing, and this week Cee has posed the following questions:

1.What’s Your Least Favorite Mode of Transportation? I think I’d have to say bus. I thought about airplanes, but it’s not the flying part that bothers me, it’s the airport-going-through-security part, so I’ll stick with bus.
2. Are you a cat, dog, goat or prefer the zoo person? Cat and dog, although animals of any kind appeal.
3.What really makes my heart sing? Glorious sunrises/sunsets, the feel of an ocean breeze as I walk on a sandy beach, having my kids around me, a cuddly cat, waking up each morning, time with friends, there are a lot of things that make my heart sing.
4. What word or words are fun for you to say? Caribbean, extraordinary – those words that can be correctly pronounced more than one way. Although I don’t think I’ve ever thought about whether specific words are fun to say. All words are fun to play with, to string into sentences, which become paragraphs.

That takes care of information sharing for this week. Now I’ll share the rest of the wildlife refuge photos, since this past week turned into one of those with not enough time to do everything that needed to be done and wanted to be done.


Snow Geese coming in for a landing – this one brings to mind Alfred Hitchcock


Is there still room at the inn?


Canadian Geese in the foreground


Spooky trees – don’t they make you think “Tim Burton movie”


Eagle nest – but no one’s home


Female Golden Eagle – the male was flying around doing his man thing and I took some pictures, but not a one came out worth publishing. Not one! What a bummer!


The marsh, with willows sending up their spring growth.

That completes our day at the refuge. A gray day that initially I thought would be a good thing because we wouldn’t have to deal with sun glare, but then the gray grew heavier and made it darker than I’d hoped for. Still, it was a good day.

I hope you too will have a good day.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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12 Responses to More Sharing, Week 11

  1. imexcited says:

    Love your answers and your photos are amazing 🙂


  2. diggingher says:

    Enjoyed the post and photos especially the creepy trees. Shame about the eagle. My friend tells me that is when we take the photo with our mind.


  3. love the sharing and the pictures…great pics.


  4. DAwn says:

    You’re right…all words are fun to play with! Love the marsh photo the best. I think. Unless it’s the one of the birds coming in. Or the spooky trees…have to go back and reconsider.


  5. parashartales says:

    one word only ‘BEAUTIFUL’


  6. Lisa says:

    The geese shots are fantastic, but the one that I really love is the marsh! Fabulous! And our hearts can sing together. 🙂


  7. suzicate says:

    Great eagle photo!


  8. Heather says:

    Glad I’m not the only one to see spookiness in certain trees.
    Your shot of the geese coming in reminds me of one I took of gulls taking off 🙂
    I also really like the marsh reflections.


  9. Cee Neuner says:

    Beautiful photos!!! I am with you on airport security!!


  10. I really like eagle pics!


  11. coolfeline says:

    I was going to take this challenge too, but somehow … I dropped it, I honestly don’t know what happened. I have two words in English that I really like: ‘draconian’ and ‘oblivion’ … oodles too, it rolls off the tongue so nicely.

    Your photos are stunning …what a place! I’ve seen snow geese like that once in my life, but that was long before I had a camera..


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