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I am Almost Ready

I am almost ready – for winter. Almost. Not completely. Not yet. It’s a strange year, all over the country, but the midwest has now gotten snow and cold more normal for them in the winter. Those of us in … Continue reading

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Tethered Electronically

Earlier this week, Angelia of Living, Loving, Laughing posted about unplugging for 24 hours. I was feeling quite smug as I started to comment, thinking “how silly all of this is – after all, I do a lot of things … Continue reading

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Silly Things

Husband’s treatment yesterday extended into several hours as these things sometimes do, which gave me time to come up with some thoughts. Lest you think I’m about to spout words prophetic, wise, intelligent or even somewhat worth remembering, let me … Continue reading

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The Threat of Mortality

Intellectually we all realize we are mortal. We all know we will not live forever. Emotionally, mortality is less easy to deal with. In this household, at this time, that mortality factor looms large. The “Big C” (husband’s cancer) has … Continue reading

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Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Life can sometimes be difficult. Life can bring hardships. Life can also be smooth sailing and full of joy. The trick might be in learning not to take things too seriously, not to introduce drama unnecessarily. Easy to say, right? … Continue reading

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