Old Man Winter Came to Visit

Mom, make it go away

Much to Lily’s dismay, old man winter blew in Tuesday night, as predicted. He howled and brought the cold white frozen stuff with him. Lily made several timid ventures out the door, only to return very quickly. She wanted out so badly, but not in this stuff. This was new for her, this howling blowing cold that pelted her and showed no leniency, no sympathy. Last year she was but a wee kitten who showed no desire to venture outside, and we encouraged her to remain inside. Then spring and summer came, and she learned about the outside world and all the adventures it offered. Old man winter has put a bit of a damper on her parade.

Slush on the pond

I did venture forth mid-morning, just to see what it was like out there. Camera in hand, one of the girls accompanying me – the other, the Bailey girl, was visiting neighbors. They give treats, so both girls often go to say good morning. Shasta will return when there are no more treats offered and their dogs are not outside to play. Bailey likes to lay on their garage apron, waiting, I think, for us to go tell her it’s time to come home. These neighbors, our very good friends, have been part of Bailey’s life since we brought her home when she was 8 weeks old; they are her second family.

Shasta and I ventured to the pond, where the new pump husband had barely gotten installed on Tuesday was doing a good job of keeping the water moving. There is more to be done here, but this will get us through the winter.

No room for food

To the front yard, where I needed to tie down the shade curtains on the gazebo that I had failed to take in this fall. Life has been a bit complicated this year, and some things simply got overlooked. It’s a good thing the finches are not here for the winter, since their feeders are filled with snow. Which makes me wonder, I’m not seeing birds out there this day, so what do they do when the winds howl and the snow flies? Where do they hunker? In the pines, I’m sure – I can picture them, all huddled and fluffed to stay warm. Except for the few brave Stellar Jays that are more being blown than flying as they leave the shelter of one tree for another. I think all they could hope for is that they could control their direction. Certainly they could not control their speed.

Then Shasta and I thought maybe we could walk up the road to fetch Bailey. Yes, that sounded like a wonderful idea. Except after we got to the road, which proved to be a wind tunnel. Going was not bad, the wind was behind us. But when I turned around to look behind us, I realized coming back my face would be hammered with those icy frozen flakes. So maybe this is not such a good idea. If Bailey doesn’t decide she can get home on her own (she is the world’s biggest and best manipulator), we’ll deal with that later.

Heading back to our house, to the safety and warmth we’d find within, Shasta frolicked in the snow, loving that at last she had found this white fluffy stuff which was so perfect for rolling in. Would you like to share her frolic?

It starts like this

Goes to this

Then the grand flourish

And now she feels delicious

Back inside, the smaller furry girls have found comfort and warmth sharing the bed with Dad, who was taking a nap.

Ahhhh, heaven

That is how old man winter found us, providing us with something to talk about. And maybe energized us a bit, made it feel like a great day to bake a batch of cookies. So I did. Chocolate chip. Cheating, because all that was required was that I slice up the frozen rolls that Kat had mixed up when she was here for Christmas.

Life is good!

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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7 Responses to Old Man Winter Came to Visit

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  2. suzicate says:

    Ha, Lily looks like she is asking the rooster “What ever shall we do with this white stuff?”…no snow here…yet!


  3. It looks like winter has finally arrived in your area. The dusting we got here has transformed to ice. I think cold and snowless is the worst combo. I’m glad Shasta had fun making a snow angel! Stay warm.


  4. Heather says:

    I’ll be honest – I have rolled around in the snow much like Shasta. I am still very childish about it, and I think that’s fine. As for the birds, I think you’re right about the pines. The gulls, and swans and ducks, though, stay right out on the way looking just a bit put-out.


  5. Dawn says:

    Doesn’t Shasta get cold rolling in that snow? She doesn’t have a heavy coat….does she then go inside and sleep by the fire? Good decision to let Baily decide to come home on her own. Did she? I’m sure she did. Meanwhile, everyone stay inside and enjoy the cookies!


  6. Kathy says:

    I like your pond…gosh, lots of folks are getting snow these days! Brrrr, cold…


  7. Lisa says:

    Old Man Winter has missed us (so far) this year. But I’m sure he’ll remember to visit before spring. I’m cold just looking at your shots! Tanner LOVES snow so he’d get along great at your place right now. Cheating? No way…work smarter…not harder. 🙂


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